Our goals at City Incite include:

  • * Providing in-depth training that can immediately result in meaningful employment

  • * Helping students re-enter the educational sector (high school or college)

  • * Helping youth complete their high school diploma or equivalent

  • * Improving the communication, presentation, and service skills of our youth

  • * Developing globally competent students for success beyond high school

  • * Beautifying and rejuvenating depressed low-income Chicagoland neighborhoods

  • * Working to increase the percentage of women and minorities in skilled trades

  • * Exposing urban youth to the opportunities that exist in the world of entrepreneurship

  • * Changing the negative image of young minorities in Chicago by giving them the opportunity to develop skills that will transform them into leaders and help make them employable.

  • * Increasing workforce diversity by training and placing skilled and talented workers into opportunities with our corporate and business partners.

  • * Creating safer communities

We achieve these goals by offering programs both in schools and out of schools to youth in under-resourced communities.

City Incite helps our often misguided youth understand that all dreams are important and can be accomplished, especially theirs.

We work to expose the greatness that exists deep within. They have the opportunity to do great things and avoid becoming statistics in this cruel world.

We show them the way and we B.U.I.LD. together.

City Incite’s B.U.I.L.D. program (Building Up Important Lives and Dreams) takes a proven approach to economic empowerment through career training and personal development. We see the vast potential that exists within the youth.

These young people often choose the wrong life path because they truly do not think they are able to achieve more or don’t know how to get started.

We rely on the support of our community to keep our high quality programs running. ?

Please donate what you can and help support the development of Future Leaders.