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Women's Day 2013

City Incite's Fashion Happening 2013

City Incite Women's Day 2013

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The Fashion Happening: Culture of Couture

Spring is here and we couldn’t be more excited!! It is also time for our 2nd Annual Fashion Happening Fundraiser!! The Fashion Happening combines the love of fashion with the desire to help those in need. This year, our spring fashion celebration is dedicated to inciting unity among a diverse group of designers from various cultures to help develop our next generation of Chicagoans. No matter where you are from or where you live, everyone in the city of Chicago …

Beauty Beyond The Eyes of the Beholder

We love Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o and what she symbolizes as a beautiful well rounded woman of color.  Her presence on a national stage has made her a spokeswoman for darker women. The way she as been embraced by our culture hopefully will continue to spread the message to people of all races, and especially young black girls, that true beauty defies all of the stereotypes and false criteria that mainstream media wants us to believe.   Oscar Winner Lupita …


Volunteer Spotlight

Jonathan Ratliff   Q: What prompted you to accept City Incite’s invitation to come and speak with the kids about your journey? Several factors played a role in my decision to accept the invite: Coming from the same socioeconomic circumstances as the students involved in the program resonated with me on a personal level. Also, I have grew up off and on in the Englewood area and I still frequent the communities often to visit family and friends. Therefore I …

Entrepreneurs, Business and Technology Professionals Needed

We are currently seeking volunteer mentors for our youth. If you are an entrepreneur, executive, marketer, community leader, successful artist, or finance expert please sign up to be a volunteer coach or mentor. The minimum commitment is one hour of your time. Please CLICK HERE to sign up for an available time here

If you would like to be a professional coach (ongoing participation), please sign up here....


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