What We Do

What We Do

Raise Awareness      Create Consciousness     Incite Change


City Incite develops and administers fundamental programing that uplifts, teaches, and incites children, teens, adults, and seniors.  Our programs have gotten accepted into Chicago Public Schools – After School Matters, Chicago Housing Authority senior care centers, and various private community outreach organizations.   Find out more about our programs click here…


We love helping the community.  It is a natural calling for us, but please believe, WE LIKE TO PARTY TOO!  City Incite is also an event planning organization focused on raising awareness about various socio-economic inequalities. Click here to learn more about our events…


At our core, City Incite is about striving towards the goal of equality.  We sometimes use non standard means, but we believe that everyone’s voice should be heard, even if they are voiceless.  We act as a voicebox, microphone, and amplifier for those that are often overlooked.  As we grow and gain more influence, we will continue to incite the masses.