Nkosi White

Board Member

Born and raised in the Chicagoland area. Nkosi has been an IT Professional for 13 years. Providing enterprise technology solutions in a myriad of roles for a Fortune 500 company. Nkosi is a strong believer in diversity in the corporate workplace and creating opportunities in underserved communities.

He is an alumni of *i.c stars and the first alumni in the organization’s 18 year history to be elected to their Board of Directors.

His passion projects include a weekly podcast and cultural tours that showcase the rich tradition of creativity and how it fuels our entrepreneurial spirit. Nkosi is very proud to be at your service.

Elise Jones

Board Member

Mrs. Elsie Jones  was born in the Englewood community on the southside of Chicago prior to her parents moving Elsie and her siblings to the Morgan Park area where she spent her childhood. After graduating from Morgan park High School, Elsie made the decision to leave Chicago and enrolled into the University of Iowa where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in the discipline of English. Immediately after completing her undergraduate degree, Elsie stayed at the University of Iowa and obtained a Master’s Degree in African American World Studies.

In 1996 Elsie returned home to Chicago and began her career as an educator teaching history at a public high school in Joliet, Illinois.  A year later Elsie continued her public service works as a teacher for the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) where she is actively instructing history and english. In 1998 Elsie enrolled into the Administration and Supervision Program at Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois where she earned a Master’s of Education Degree.  Elsie has achieved her Type 75 Administrative Certification, Type 9 Certification which entitles Elsie to Teach in the fields of Sociology, World Studies, Geography, English, History and, Learning Behaviour Specialist 1 from the State of Illinois Board of Education.

Elsie has served in various roles as an educator and youth mentor for over twenty years. From 2008 through 2012 Elsie served as the coordinator of her school’s Advanced Via Individual Determination Program (AVID), a CPS college and career readiness program. Elsie was very instrumental in one of her student’s receiving The Bill Gates Scholarship Award in 2012. Elsie is the English Department Chairperson at her school. She has volunteer her time to serve as an head coach for high school girls after school activities; such as: volleyball, track and field and, cheerleading.

Elsie volunteered her time to served as the programs director for the Universal Youth Outreach Program, a not-for profit 501(c)(3) organization from 2012 through 2016.

Aleta Garrett


Aleta, the ambitious, driven, and passionate individual dedicated to community development and bringing innovative practices into the classroom is how most describe her.

Aleta is the co-founder of City Incite a non-profit organization dedicated to serving youth in the inner city with programming in business, economic development, and hospitality teaching them soft and hard skills that prepare them for life beyond high school and teach them how to be self-sufficient in a world that can be tough. In her programs she makes sure she includes important technology innovations that can be applied to her curriculum. With tech jobs on the rise students have to organically be introduced to different technology concepts. Her students have created websites, graphics, videos, apps, and more for their business and economic development ideas.

She is also the founder of Informed Consciousness a race relations firm that helps individuals confront hard to talk about biases and discrimination issues. IC helps create a work environment where colleagues can have a mutual understanding of what lines not to cross in order to create a more comfortable and productive work environment.

Aleta is a community leader serving youth, seniors, and citizens. She works closely with aldermans to address issues of inequality in order to build a better city while making sure she involves her students.  Aleta achieved her bachelor’s degree in communications from Austin Peay State University and shortly after a Masters in Communications, Media, and Theatre from Northeastern Illinois University. A few years later she decided she wanted to add more qualifications to her resume so she took up a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction at St. Xavier University where she was honored as a Black Professional of Excellence because of her high G.P.A. Aleta was also honored as a Digital Innovator in Illinois by PBS for year 2016. You can find Aleta traveling the world to connect with professionals, attending workshops, or in the classroom with young adults preparing them for the future.

Antonio Artis

Board Member

Mr Antonio Artis was born on the westside of Chicago; however, soon after, his parents moved him and his siblings to the southside of Chicago into the Englewood community where he spent the majority of his childhood and early adulthood years. During the mid-twenties of his life Antonio decided to get baptized and give his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Antonio has dedicated all of his professional, and much of his personal life working as a public servant in various ways. In 1981 he received an Honorable Discharge from the Department of Defense after he fulfilled his military service obligation in the United States Army as a Medical Specialist. After being discharged from the United States Army Antonio spent the next several years performing various jobs before he began his career as a patrolman with the Chicago Police Department.

In the early years of his career as a patrolman he performed police duties in a couple of the Department’s specialized units and, as a field training officer. Later in his police career he earned the privilege to serve as an acting supervisor in one of the Department’s units. Throughout his career Antonio received 9 Honorable Mentions from the Chicago police Department and 2 Letters of Appreciation from citizens in the Englewood community wherein he spent many years of his police service. Antonio has worked as a security supervisor and as an In-School Suspension Coordinator at several Chicago Public Schools. He has served in the capacity of head and assistant baseball coach and youth mentor in public parks as well as for Chicago Public Schools.

In 2007 Antonio Founded the Universal Youth Outreach Foundation, a not-for profit 501(c)(3) organization where he served as President until the fall of 2016. Antonio works with the Union League Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago on procuring positive social mentoring and performing arts afterschool programming for Chicago Public School in the Englewood community. Antonio has earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and, a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Governors State University.

Joseph Harvey

Vice President

Joseph Harvey is a co-founder, VP, and director of technology for the non-profit organization, City Incite, Inc. He is also a program instructor. He infuses logic and creativity in his innovative approach to enlightening young minds in the areas of technology, business and community development, personal accountability, and financial literacy.  He has a passion for inspiring young people to discover their calling.

City Incite works with high school and out of school teens and young adults that are seeking knowledge, skills, and ways to create opportunities for themselves.  Since 2013, City Incite has reached more than 400 young people in the City of Chicago. Their primary program offerings include business, hospitality, and construction training.

City Incite was recently awarded a grant from The US Department of Labor and Youthbuild USA to support their youth construction training program. City Incite is partnering with Metropolitan Family Services on this project. This makes them one of only two funded YouthBuild Programs in Chicago.

Joseph is also the co-founder of Lyco Products, an idea and product licensing company. He works closely with teens and young adults throughout Chicago’s South Side and has a background in community organizing and technology. He is a thought leader and activist that routinely goes out of his way for the young people that he serves.   Joseph was recently recognized and honored with a violence prevention award by a Chicago based social organization.
Joseph attended Howard University in Washington, DC and is also an alumni of i.c.stars.  He is a native of Robbins, Il.

Gia Gallimore

Board Member

Gia Gallimore, is originally from the Southside of Chicago, IL; however, but has lived in the Madison, Wisconsin for eight years. In September of 2008, she was afforded the opportunity to work with the University of Wisconsin-Madison Multicultural Student Center (MSC) from 2008 until 2012.

After five years of service to the MSC, she joined the Target leadership team as the Executive Team Leader of Asset Protection from 2012 until 2016. During the time with Target, she reaffirmed her dedication and passion for student development and took a leap of faith to apply for the Boys and Girls Club Director of Impact position.

Needless to say, she is overjoyed and excited for the opportunity to work with the education team to continue uplifting and preparing at risk students for college. Additionally, she is the mother of a beautiful four year old daughter named Olivia, and is married to Clifton Gallimore. She enjoys spending quality time with family and friends and loves to laugh.