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  • Donate!  Make an in-kind donation to help incite and connect people through the City of Chicago.

  • Participate!  Attend our City Incite events that benefit various non-profit organizations throughout the Chicagoland area.

  • Build!  Help to continue to build our organization. Our in the City youth program is always looking for people with expertise in subjects like math, science, english, marketing, accounting, fundraising, grant-writing and more to help us build and grow.   The more help we get, the more people we can help..

  • Fundraise!  Help raise money for various non-profit organizations by donating an item to a silent auction, or group activities that can raise money for our unique events.

  • Connect! Connect via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Sign up for our monthly newsletters. Attend our annual events.

  • Volunteer! Serve in the community. We have monthly volunteer projects that family and friends can participate in. We know people are extremely busy with work and school, so we make sure our volunteer projects are also kid friendly.