City Incite Programs

Creating and implementing fundamental programing is one of the pillars of City Incite.  One of the best ways to incite change in the world is to create a small spark in people around you.  City Incite does not simply “give”, we plant seeds that grow.

Currently we offer 4 programs that we administer across the Chicagoland area.


Business Engineering for Future Leaders 

Business Engineering

The Business Engineering for Future Leaders program focuses on business planning, technology, problem solving, critical thinking, financial planning, relationship building, and more.  All using a hands on approach and project based learning.

This will help prepare the participants to be more competitive in this new economy, where technology skills and being business savvy can help anyone launch a successful global business.

We are currently accepting applications for our session beginning Oct 1st at Robeson H.S. Click here for more details.

Community Artists

PC181582.jpgCommunity service is great, but Community Artists create beauty in all that they touch.  This program empowers participants to give back to the community in creative ways.  We do things like put on talent shows to entertain visitor of local soup kitchens, have arts and crafts parties at senior living facilities, and create beautiful art with children that are suffering from sickness.  This program is for ages 7-18

Life Skills 101

life skills 101Life skills are very important.  They are skills that we use throughout life.  A common problem is that often many are not taught these skills.  We have a fun, interactive, and inspirational workshop series that teaches and reinforces skills like active listening, goal setting, writing, and more.  We focus on working with people that may be in a rebuilding period or overcoming obstacles or handicaps.

Developing as a Leader

LeaderDeveloping as a Leader introduces participants to the knowledge and tools needed to become a strong leader. We focus on understanding the roles and responsibilities of both group and self leadership. Participants craft action plans and blog their progress and development throughout the program.  Digital media platforms are taught and used to raise awareness.