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City Incite is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

For young people to reach their potential including in school, in work, and in life, they need information and resources. They also need to understand what opportunities they have or how to create them. It’s crucial for them to believe in themselves, so they can reach their goals.


Here at City Incite, we focus the majority of our efforts on low-income neighborhoods on Chicago’s South Side. Most of our programs are for young people. These young people may not have the opportunities available in other communities, but what they have is potential. And with the right tools and support they have a lot of potential.


As residents and citizens of the world, it’s our job to help provide better opportunities.


To enrich lives by inciting people to work together, develop leaders, and uplift communities.




We coordinate empowering projects that impact young adults and their communities. These projects provide training and build self-esteem. It’s important for our participants to know they have a voice and we are counting on them to be future leaders.



We provide 4 things critical to creating leaders.


City Incite gives hope, a vital part of motivation. We work to understand participants’ dreams and show how they can achieve them.


Our programs teach hard and soft skills. Students learn about technology and business as well as critical thinking and public speaking.


Our programs explain logic, creativity, and innovative thinking. We show participants how this knowledge will help them in the future.


We show participants how to seek out, identify and even create opportunities.



City Incite provides job training in construction, travel, policy, and international development within business. We expose participants to careers that provide satisfaction and purpose.


Many participants go back to school and/or get their degree, helped by the knowledge, experience and confidence they gain from City Incite.

A New Outlook

Maybe most importantly, our programs help participants change their sense of themselves. They hear inspiring stories from others with similar backgrounds who have became successful. They also build up their communities by participating in civic engagement activities.

Learn more about our programs here.


As we equip these young people for more productive lives, we’re also helping their communities. Our programs:

  • Change the negative image of young minorities by helping them become more employable.
  • Increase workforce diversity by placing talented workers in jobs with our corporate and business partners.
  • Beautify and rejuvenate low-income Chicago neighborhoods from the inside out.
    • We acquire and rehab foreclosed properties, so they can go back on the tax roll to increase investment in the community.
    • We rehab properties for low-income and homeless veterans as well as for low-income families.
  • Increase a sense of well-being among individuals and families. When people have better opportunities, they are lifted up not just financially but emotionally, and their communities are lifted with them.


  • Youth Diplomats: This program equips employers to utilize our students who have gained knowledge and skillsets in policy issues surrounding housing, economics, education, healthcare, and international development.
  • Shaya Transformation Group: This program helps employers evaluate long-standing organizational wellness policy, implementing a new one, or presenting a class on mindfulness.
  • Workplace Violence Prevention: City Incite works with employers to help them provide a safe and healthful workplace.


City Incite would not be able to do the work that we do without the help of our incredible corporate and community partners.