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City Incite Youth Diplomats

What You’ll Learn

Our program will offer students Policy Engagement and Youth Policy Mentorship. This is directly provided by City Incite to work on advocacy issues around domestic and international policy, housing, business and education. Policy literature is a key component for our future change-makers to understand and gain exposure to. Having knowledge of Policy fundamentals are important because policy implementation shapes the way our society works.

In order to enact change and create inclusivity then we must engage our students to understand the core priorities of the policy problems.  In turn policy knowledge will promote positive citizen engagement, challenge critical thinking, problem solving, and contributions to society.

This will be done through workshops to assist with writing technique and comprehension skill building. Students will also have access to public service opportunities to learn about the key components of policy operation and management. Internship placements will be based upon the interest area of the student and focus. The objective of Youth Policy Diplomats is to engage students in the basic knowledge of policy and develop them into individual thinkers and leaders!

Why It Matters

There is a significant need in the Black community for policy understanding and engagement, and creating changes our students want to see by empowering themselves and their communities through education, advocacy, and action. Students can work with City Incite as Youth Policy Diplomats. Students will be exposed to policy fundamentals and the understanding of how implementation works.