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Empowering Diplomatic Unity & Collaboration in Africa with Tolerance and Equality


  • Send participants on a successful trip abroad
  • Engage students in policy-related work
  • Increase the number of Black and brown people in the policy field
  • Elevate levels of self-esteem, confidence, and self-sufficiency
  • Utilize Afrocentric learning methodologies for a historical reframing
  • Increase intercultural competency
  • Apply experiential knowledge to work and personal interests


Our mission is to enrich the lives of our youth by inciting people to work together, help develop leaders, and uplift our communities. We strive to develop the fundamental practices that promote healthy environments for Black and brown communities through engagement with different cultures, communities, and social standards. Prioritize the engagement of our Black and Brown youth in professional, academic, and social environments with an understanding of racial identities/racial structures that have built many of these environments, providing each participant with the tools to promote racial tolerance and anti-racism. Our aim is to help equip our participants with the tools and skills they need to become successful leaders, critical thinkers and responsible citizens of the world.

Why It Matters

Black and brown communities face unequal treatment in many environments that often result in stunted opportunities to grow professionally, socially, or academically. The EDUCATE program engages with participants who are determined to become changemakers and leaders in their communities. The program teaches our participants to engage in anti-racist activities, racial identity awareness, and culturally competent discussions in order to promote international racial tolerance and equity. In order for changes to occur “at home”, our students must understand the global implications of these changes. Exposure to new cultures and engagement in the social structures in Africa will provide our participants with a new reference point to compare their experiences and expectations with. Our programming teaches our participants to engage in these perspectives on a deeper level, thinking critically about ways to create a better future for themselves. It is important for our participants to understand the fundamentals of policy because it is what shapes our global society. Exposure to the knowledge of how implementation functions can positively impact the way our youth views social issues, encouraging them to be the leaders developing change.


Participants will develop a deeper understanding of racial and social structures through the lense of policy. Students will gain intercultural competencies and an increased level of confidence within themselves to achieve leadership roles. There will be an increased development of critical thinking and problem identification skillbuilding. Our participants will have strengthened their reading comprehension and literacy, which will enable them to utilize their skills in advanced spaces that they pursue after our program. Students will understand the ways that communities can be bettered and have the tools to promote positive change. Our participants will have an increased likelihood of pursuing policy fields in their post-secondary education and obtain leadership roles within these career spaces. Our youth will be able to foster and promote culturally competent conversations and advocate for equitable social practices.